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Floor Wipes | CleanLIFE

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Floor wipes

Super Tough Antibacterial Cleaning

CleanLIFE Plastic Free Wipes Do no flush

CleanLIFE Floor Wipes are extra large and super tough textured wipes that remove grime and grease off hard floor surfaces. Kills 99.99% of germs, using Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus to create a unique native clean fragrance. The added bonus is our wipes fit over most wipe mops so you do not even have to get down on the floor to clean.

Textured wipes for enhanced cleaning

Removes grease and grime

Infused with native Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus

  • Wipe QTY: 25 Wipes , Single Unit
  • Wipe QTY: 25 Wipes , Box of 9


100% plant-based fibres; Water; Benzalkonium Chloride; Eucalyptus;Lactic acid

Safety Directions

Pull back resealable opening, remove wipe to use as required. Reseal pack to keep wipes moist. Do not use as a personal wipe or on skin. Avoid contact with eyes and wash hands after use. Store in a cool dry place.

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