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Body Wipes | CleanLIFE

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Body wipes

Deodorising and Cleaning

CleanLIFE Plastic Free Wipes Orange Certified to flush

CleanLIFE Body Wipes are deodorising wipes for when the body need a refreshing uplift. Ideal after exercise, work, or travel, these cleansing wipes use native Davidson Plum, Lemon Myrtle and Jojoba to create a gentle non-irritating fresh clean. CleanLIFE Body Wipes are certified to the Australian Flushable Standard – AS/NZS 5328. You may purchase a pack with more generic flushable guidance that was made before we achieved the Australian Flushable Standards as we do not want to waste these given we are trying to clean up our plastic problem.

Free of soap, perfume and phthallates

Deodorising body parts

For sweaty bodies when unable to shower

Naturally gentle and non-irritating, Jojoba enhanced

  • Wipe QTY: 40 Wipes , Single Unit
  • Wipe QTY: 40 Wipes , Box of 9


100% plant-based fibres; Water; Polysorbate 20; Propylene glycol; Aloe Vera; Vitamin E;Jojoba; Lemon Myrtle, Davidson Plum; Methylpropanediol; Caprylyl Glycol, Benzoic acid; Edetate sodium

Safety Directions

Pull back resealable opening, remove wipe to use as required. Reseal pack to keep wipes moist. NOT to be used as a facial wipe or as a baby wipe. If irritation occurs discontinue using. Store in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews

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Sheets need to be bigger.

Lewis Green
Elite product

I found myself using these wipes after a student within my school highly recommended them. Through first impressions, I was utterly upmost impressed with the smell and overall standard of the product, where I found myself overusing them just for how good they smelled. Besides the scent, these are easy, effortless, and give a pleasant sensation to the skin that can't be matched. Through the environment-friendly concerns that the company has applied to their brand and products, I am very impressed and my kind regards go to you.

B Cilia
Great product

Definitely recommend all the clean life products, recently got one of each of their wipes to try out and they are great. I can really notice the difference with the body/flushables they don't have that toxics smell because they aren't loaded with chemicals they smell really natural.

Skye Atkinson
Such a great product

I received this product through my influencter voxbox and wow it is great. The wipes smell so fruity and full of scent. I love the idea and how it leaves a nice smell on the skin, very good for on the go and for children aswell if they need a quick wipe down, great product will be buying in the future.

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